Airpatch FAQ

What instruments can I use this with?

The Airpatch can be used with any instrument that has a standard quarter inch instrument cable output. Play untethered with your favorite guitar, bass, synth, or anything you can imagine!

Where do I put my Airpatch Controller?

That part is entirely up to you! Depending on your application, we recommend placing the Airpatch controller wherever is most comfortable and makes sense for your desired results. Experimentation and creativity are one of the most exciting parts of this new product!

How do i pair a controller with the dock?

The Airpatch is paired by pressing and holding the mode selection button on the dock to enter pairing mode and then simply press the controller button you want to pair with.

How do I switch my airpatch’s switching mode?

There is a mode selection button on the Airpatch dock that toggles between latch mode, momentary mode, and reverse momentary mode.

How do I set this device up in my signal chain?

The Airpatch has an input, effects send, effects return, and output. Your input signal is connected to the input jack and whatever pedal you want Airpatch to control will be place between the effects send and return. The output goes into your next pedal or right out to your amp!

How can I use Airpatch as a wireless killswitch?

Simply leave the effects send and return empty and plug in to the input and output like a standard stompbox. Put Airpatch in either momentary or reverse momentary mode and you are all set to rock the killswitch!

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