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Airpatch description

Airpatch is the first wireless accessory for a pedal. Airpatch is an effects loop switcher with a wireless controller that can interface with any pedal or signal chain. This patent pending technology allows the user to wirelessly control their effects pedals without having to stomp on them. Airpatch has three modes of operation which are latch mode, momentary mode, and reverse momentary mode. Airpatch is a very small device and is designed to fit in the small free spaces of your pedalboard or even underneath the board. The result is having your effects right at your fingertips, giving you an amazing new means of expression and creativity.


Wireless effect control

Airpatch interfaces with a pedal or series of pedals in a signal chain with four standard quarter inch connections. The Airpatch has a single loop switching channel with an input, output, effects send, and effects return. Airpatch has the flexibility and simplicity to serve an infinite number of applications.



The Airpatch wireless controller is able to pair with the dock by pressing and holding the sync button located on the left side of the dock. Any Airpatch controller will be able to be paired with your dock. With this simple pairing method, you will be able to have multiple Airpatch controllers on separate instruments, allowing you to switch instruments during live performance or practice without having to remove them.


Effects loop

Airpatch allows you to create an effects loop on your pedalboard that you can access wirelessly. This allows you to activate more than one effect at once which is extremely convenient when avoiding “tap dancing” while trying to stomp on each individual pedal that you want to activate at once. This gives you the option to interact with your pedal board from afar, allowing you to focus on engaging with your audience.


Momentary Switching

One of the most exciting features of Airpatch is the momentary modes of operation. These features allows you to unleash your creativity and get much more out of your pedals. Airpatch can even serve as a killswitch without drilling or routing a new button in your guitar. When using this feature, you will unlock new ways of integrating effects into your playing and and gain a new level of control with your rig.


Tech Specs

Audio Ports

  • 1/4 inch Input

  • 1/4 inch Effects Send

  • 1/4 inch Effects Return

  • 1/4 inch Ouput




  • Length: 78 mm

  • Width: 63 mm

  • Height: 34 mm


  • Length: 43 mm

  • Width: 23.6 mm

  • Height: 12 mm

Patent Pending



  • 9V DC Power for Dock

  • Lithium Ion Rechargable Battery in Controller

  • Magnetic Charging for wireless controller